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How to Apply

As part of our remit we try to encourage young people to gain independence in fulfilling their ambitions and goals, for this reason we usually ask that an application be made directly from the young person themselves. This of course can be supported by an adult helper and countersigned by parent/guardian.  In addition to this we will require a supporting letter from a professional person who works with/alongside the young person such as a teacher or coach. We will also require evidence that you are in full-time attendance at a Plymouth secondary school.

Applications from the young person should be in the form of a letter and include:

  • A description of the competitive selection process they have completed in order to gain their opportunity.
  • The name of the school within Plymouth that they attend.
  • A description of previous efforts and commitment shown toward their current endeavour.
  • A specific amount of money should be requested along with detail of how it will be used.
  • A statement describing how the grant will enable you to continue on your journey.  Please tell us what your goals or ambitions are for the future and show how a grant award could make all the difference to helping you achieve them.

Letters of support from a professional should include:

  • Confirmation of the amount of financial assistance the young person is seeking.
  • A description of how the money will be used, for example; specifying the exact equipment recommended or required/a breakdown of travel costs.
  • A statement in support of the young person, describing how the grant award will be beneficial toward fulfilling their ambitions and goals.
  • Contact details of the professional, should we need to make any further enquiries.

Evidence of school attendance:

  • Please ask a teacher or headteacher to email or post us a letter on school headed paper confirming that you are a full-time student at your secondary school.


Written applications can be submitted to the following address:

The BJ Trust
Registered Charity No. 1146464
17 Seymour Park